Bf2 tips and tricks!
June 27, 2005

  • When commanding your team, if artillery, uav or scanner becomes disabled, place a supply drop near the damaged item. Since the supply drops act as a repair point, the damaged equipment will "magically" repair itself
  • If the medic that is in your group dies, don't think there's nothing you can do about it! Grab his pack (default key is G) and revive him. The more of your squad that stays alive, the better!
  • USE SQUADS! THIS BEARS REPEATING! USE SQUADS!!! Not only will you be able to work together as a team to get through those difficult spots, your squad leader is a spawn point! Sadly, this has to be the least used feature in BF2 that I've seen.
  • Pay attention to your minimap. UAVs and the Commander can point out enemy troops. Even if it's for a second, you can have an idea of where the enemy is hiding. Not to mention people seem to have an uncanny ability of walking into friendly artillery fire.
  • Medics seem to get points quicker than other kits, so if you're playing on a ranked server, grab your paddles and health packs, get in a squad, and be their lifeline. You'll hit that next rank in no time.


SQUADS SQUADS SQUADS SQUADS SQUADS SQUADS!!!!!! I can't bear enough the importance of a well made squad, and working WITH the commander and your squad!


Remember one thing when facing a tank, hit the sides or the back. That's the weakest point of the armor.


If you take a full squad in a transport chopper and hover over a point, it will only take a few seconds to capture.
If you walk into team artillery fire, don't team punish your commander.
A commander can turn the tide of battle if he...

  • ...Uses the Scan command always when available.
  • ...Use the results of the scan to determine where to place the UAV.
  • If there are alot of enemies at a point, send an Artillery strike, BEFORE your troops get there. That will soften their defenses!!!!


*As Commander, don't forget that you can notify your teammates of enemies that you spot from a scan. Right click on your command map and choose "Spotted" and the teammates will see a red dot flash on their map where you did this. It's not a UAV, but it sure helps when we're getting shot at and need to know where it's coming from!


Them duke boys is at it again... This time, theys usin military equipment
June 24, 2005

Just playing around one day in the river, Spectere decides to do some REAL offroadin (and offanythin for that matter!)


Say it with me now....


-NuclearWinter (Your friendly neighborhood chopper cam)