Please send us suggestions for added links or to inform us about dead link. There's no sense in having bookmarked sites if they're pushing up the daisies, eh?

We've got links for Artists (Tutorials),Comics, Forums, Games (LAN, Mods, News, Web Games), Geeks (Beats, Case mods, Ninjas, Otakus), & Refreshments.

Links for (Web) Comics

Diesel Sweeties


Mac Hall

Moon Dog

Penny Arcade

PvP Online

RPG World


VG Cats

Voices in my Hand


Links for Forum Lurkers


Links for Games & Gamers

Home of the Underdogs: Abandonware! This is stuff no longer available in the market!!! Free! A lot of the games are dos based, but hey-- most are free!!! Too bad it's become a 'pop-up' site.

Beyond Unreal

LAN Parties

Carolina Armageddon - CCGA: Carolina Computer Gaming Association. Mad parties, yo. I was their first 'Most Valueable Fragger...' Memories, at the corners of my mind.... Find a party near you!

NIC: Network Invasion Charlotte.

Modz (Software side; look under Geek for Case Mods)

Game Copy World: For those of you that wish to 'fix' your games.

jDoom: 3d accelerated old-sk00l Doom. Still a good shooter. *sniff*

. . : : LVL: Quake Friends and Fiends, step up and get some mad maps!

Neverwinter Nights modeling via IGN

Total Conversions: Like the name says... Total coversion mods.

Polycount : Models up the wazoo.


3d Action Planet: Gamespy/FilePlanet associated site. Some nice gossip.

Blues News: Gamer news in blue.

Gone Gold: Has their finger on the pulse of the gaming industry... What else can I say?

Gamespot: I can't believe that Gamespot is going the same route as IGN and Gamespy...

Old Man Murry: This site used to be the shiznat. It's grown a little stale now..

Planet Quake: For Quake's sake! A Fileplanet associated site.

Planet Soldier: A Gamespy associated site.

Planet Unreal: Unreal, UT, UT2003, Ureal Championship, etc. etc. etc... A Gamespy associated site.

shacknews: Better than most gaming slashdot sites.

Strategy Planet: A Gamespy associated site... did I mention that Gamespy is taking over the world?

Web Games

Boss Monster: Check it out... A lot of them are more fun than many of the Shockwave® games I've played...

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: A text adventure based on one of the best books in existance.


Links for Geeks

Acronym Finder: Lost in a sea of acronyms? Here's a great map!

Association of Visual Basic Professionals; Visual Basic... Nuff said.

Babel Fish: Not as good as the HHGttG Bable Fish, but will do in a pinch.

Despair, Inc. : I swear I need one of these posters for the office

Dumbmentia: Site of ads that are made up. Some better than the real deal. "The Singing Dictionary." Belive it or not; I heard about this site on NPR... Slow news day, I guess. I don need no stinkin spell checkerz...

Douglass Adams: A true visionary writer, and one of my favorites.

Filthy Critic: Watch out for the one finger salute! This is a movie critic that doesn't pander to anyone.

GURPS: (Generic Universal RolePlaying System)

The Everyday Happenings of Weebl and Sometimes Weebl's Friend Bob: We fight for Pie.

Internet Movie Database How to succeed through creative learning. This is a gifted chidren's website. I love the Movie Physics section and Reviews!!!

The Onion: News with humor.

PriceWatch: What geek hasn't been to PriceWatch at least once, much less countless times?

Slashdot: News on whatever you could want! Free spell checker.

Beats for Geeks

Electric Funstuff: Beatz 4 Geekz. Music about gaming in general.

Geeks in Space: Old talk show on all things geek. Linux, Gaming, Anime... etc. Hasn't been a new one for ages though...

Overclocked Remix : Music for tru-old-sk00l gamers...

Weird Al Yankovic: I grew up listening to this stuff... No wonder I turned out so well.

Winamp: It really whips the llama's ass. Blah, blah, blah.

Modz (Case modz)

Best Case Scenario: You owe it to yourself to check this case out... Alien themed. Give your computer a little smiley sticker! It'll thank you!... Some serious out-there modz on this site.

Johnlovesval Casemods: I highly recomend this vendor. Go here if you are looking for case lights. Service was prompt and courteous! A+

PC Mod: Not the best prices, but good quality products offered on this site.

Ninja Geeks

Official Ninja Webpage, The: F34R My 1337 N1nJ4 sK!11z. "And that's what I call REAL Ultimate Power!"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: For many many years of my youth, I was the embodiment of Turtle power.... Until Vanilla Ice joined the croud...

Xiao Xiao via NewGrounds: Never have stick figures been soooo cool.

Otaku Sitez

Anime on DVD: Sweet anime site... Good reviews, but a slightly confusing (new) interface.

Animefu: Slashdot's anime sister site.

Anime Shrine: Great collection of anime stuff.

Cody's Coop: Resin kit god coming through! Whoa. Great site... Confusing; but shweet.

Yale Anime Society: Good resources.


Links for Drinks

Amp: Better than most 'energy' drinks.

Bawls: Odd... Everyone likes the name ...

Faygo & Shastas website: Official drink of ICP and sugar addicts everywhere.

Jolt Cola: If you thought the drink made you twitch ... Check out their site!

Jones Soda: Fine makers of Whoop Ass, though my favorite of theirs is Apple soda! They make a couple of very tasty products...

Mountain Dew: There can only be one.

Mountain Dew Code Red: This is why a sequel can never be quite as good as the original. :P

Mr. Green: Bah. Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too? That is all.

Pepsi: Choice of a Speared Generation.

Red Bull: SueZQ is quoted saying it tastes like "Ass." ... Of course I gave her some when it was warm.

Think Geek:... Get your caffeinated drinks...

Xtz: I haven't had any of their products, although I am intriged.


Links for Artists

Bluth, Don: Responsible for Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Titan A.E. to name just a few!

Cheney, Austin (Created by Cheney): CG Wallpapers. Cool website concept, but a little hard to read. Some tutorials on web design.

Chiang, Doug: Robota.

Cleary, John (Darkstorm Studios): Scuptor. Seriously cool sculpy sculptures.

Granov, Adi: Seems to Sci-fi oriented. Nice layout/navagation.

Kim, Hyung-Tae (Nitty Gritty): Ah. To be that good... *sigh* One could only dream.

Kozienko, Leonid (Leoarts): Another artist with talent up the wazoo. I'm halfway thinking about putting his link in otaku. Sweet links; sweet pics.

Kroll, Martin: Kick arse 3d guy; the time-lapse videos rule!

Page, Neville and Robertson, Scott (Drawthrough.Com): Graphic artist.

Perry, Kristen: Fantasy oriented..

Shettleworth, Patrick (PolyKarbon): Some wonderful anime tutorials!

Synj-Dan: LLLllllllaaaaaalaaalalalalalala!

Sparth's co:lab

Theriault, Pierre (Art Machine): very nice...

Williams, Phillip H. (EyeWoo): One of the sites that convinced me I needed a Wacom tablet. Need to practice, practice, practice...

Zhu, Feng: I bought Battle Realms because of this guy. Teaches classes in CA. at Gnomon, Inc. Great tutorials on markers.

Tutorialz & misc. digital art stuff

Fighter Characters: Pictures. Animated gifs. Comic book artists and authors, UNITE!

GFX Artist

PS Workshop

Photoshop Cafe