Website is up and running... Again.

The website has been down for a while; my webpage server at home started getting 'glitchy' and I let the lease on the URL die, but Freebeak has generously volunteered to let us use some of his bandwidth. RoC website is up and running again. If any member wishes to add anything, please let me/Freebeak know.

Things I've learned from video games

  • There is no problem that cannot be overcome by force.
  • If it moves, DESTROY IT!
  • Piloting any vehicle is simple and requires no training.
  • One lone "good guy" can defeat an infinite number of "bad guys."
  • "Bad guys" move in predictable patterns.
  • Except for "bosses," most "bad guys" can be dispatched with one hit.
  • You often fare better against a large mob of "bad guys" then against a "boss" in one on one combat.
  • Make sure you eat all food lying on the ground.
  • Cybernetic implants and mushrooms are our friends.
  • You can break things and get away with it.
  • Smashing things doesn't hurt.
  • Many nice things are hidden inside other things.
  • Carpe diem! You only live three times (unless you pick up more lives).
  • You can push other vehicles off the road and get away with it.
  • If someone dies, they disappear.
  • There's nothing a Potion can't cure.
  • Its always a good idea to save" before encountering a boss.
  • If you get mad enough, you can fight even better.
  • "Bad guys" frequently all look the same, and often have the same names.
  • You can overcome most adversities simply by having enough quarters.
  • You can operate all weapons without training.
  • No matter how long you fight, you can always fight again.
  • Death is reversible (only for you!)
  • Ninjas are common and frequently fight in public.
  • Whenever big fat mean guys are about to croak, they begin flashing red or yellow.
  • Bosses always yield a shiny powerful item.
  • You never run out of ammunition, just grenades.
  • All women wear revealing clothes, and have great bodies.
  • Shoot everything. If it blows up or dies, it was bad.
  • You sustain injury if you shoot innocents.
  • Don't worry if your vehicle crashes and explodes, a new vehicle will appear in its place.
  • A thousand-to-one odds against you is NOT a problem.
  • When you are born, you drop out of the sky (a stork?) and are completely invincible for a short time.
  • The enemy always leaves weapons lying around for no reason other than to aid you in defeating them.

Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo Released

The demo of Unreal Tournament 2k4 has been released, and there's a list of mirrors at Blue's News and for downloading the 209mb Win32 client. explains what's new in this year's edition:

    "The Unreal Tournament 2004 official demo includes five playable game modes, and offers fans their first taste of Unreal Tournament 2004's two new game modes: the introduction of the hyper-charged Onslaught mode and the return of the fan-favorite Assault mode, which last appeared in the original Unreal Tournament. The demo also features established gametypes like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Bombing Run."

Improved techology includes:

  • Voice-over IP support - command and coordinate. Give orders, rally your troops or talk smack with the enemy.
  • Voice recognition - give orders to bots; no more typing when you should be fighting!
  • Completely redesigned menus, including a new server browser with right-click menus and many brand-new configurable features.
  • Improved AI: vehicle control, advanced dodging and wall-dodging, improved aim, better team coordination.
  • Deeper single player mode with comprehensive team management options, challenge matches, multiple endings and more.
  • Integrated map vote and match set-up for Internet play.
  • UnrealTV - a proxy broadcast system allowing a huge number of spectators to watch a match live over the Internet.
  • Pixomatic software renderer allowing incredible performance with no 3D card required. Play UT2004 on your laptop!
  • A re-designed HUD, improved weapon effects (bullet decals, incredible explosions), improved first person weapon rendering and innumerable improvements for mod authors, new announcer voices, rendering optimizations...the list goes on!
Sounds like the new version is going to be great!

Fast laptop?

"My Love Affair with Acer's Ferrari Notebook" By Rob Enderle
Nice laptop. Great color job. Meh.

Violent videogames won't turn me into a psycho?

The BBC has an article about the effects of videogames on people.

    "It is trite and irresponsible to accuse violent video games of promoting crime, argues Daniel Etherington of BBCi Collective in his weekly games column."

Finally Propagated and Running!

What does that mean? It means that people out on the web can finally see this site! Some of these pages are still under construction, so please be patient as we go through our site's growing pains... The buttons up top are self explanatory, but here's a quick in-depth rundown of our site:

  • News - This is the section you are currently in. We'll have news updates and LAN party info here.
  • About - This section will tell you our mission statement. How we formed as a team and some of our better moments at LAN parties we've attended.
  • Members - This section lists our members and their interests.
  • Links - Miscellaneous linkage. These are the links that didn't fit anywhere else.
  • Downloads - This section is devoted to game updates and websites that relate to the many different games we play.
  • Recruitment - Want to join the Rebels? Click on this section to find contact information.

Then on the bottom we have two links to our favorite LAN parties. Please feel free to visit their websites.

Call of Duty Aimbot!

Spotted by Meatshield on the CCGA Forum:
    Oh no!!! Say it isn't so... Finally a documented aimbot for COD !
    Here is the video evidence.

Thanks for the public notification Meatshield / RoS. Shame on you S@r<01!s .... For shame.

New Windows Viruses

Just a friendly reminder to keep those Anti-Virus programs up to date! The latest virus, MyDoom / Novarg, spoofing emails from peoples' address books, while it installs and executes a trojan program on the infected computer. It spreads itself via email and Kazaa, and DOS attacks Heads up brought to my attention by Beyond Unreal. I've (Vesper) have been receiving a bunch of infected files from people who don't update their virus definitions.
Would you like to know more? Symantec security response
Free Anti-Virus Program